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Bringing Mental Health & Well-Being to Young People

The mental health of Young People isn't good. As a community we can solve it.

Join the Jude's Village, our community of monthly donors bringing community and well-being to young people.

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Your $25 donation can place a youth in a school program
Your $50 donation can provide a youth access to a youth program
Your $100 gift can contribute towards a sports club chaplain
Your $200 impact can give one youth a great job package

Our Work

Nearly 1 in every 3 young people are struggling to find belonging.
We are on a mission to end this loneliness.


Youth supporting transactions were made at our cafe in the last 12 months

judes cafe youth


Meals were given to youth over 12 months.

judes cafe chaplaincy

1 in 4

Young men at our clubs have accessed support in a meaningful way.

Read Our Stories.

The Pretty Teacup - Stories From Shine

The Pretty Teacup - Stories From Shine

It was the third week of our girls’ school program, SHINE. By now the 10 girls were starting to relax and enjoy the group.…
Helping Young People Belong

Helping Young People Belong

Last year we had a young man coming to our youth group. He didn’t have a faith background, he was simply a kid whose…
Not Every Story is a Success Story

Not Every Story is a Success Story

It was lunchtime, and I walked past Will Smith, from JCP Empowering Youth, talking to two young people in the café. They had moved…

Taylor's Story

You Belong Here

Love always makes a difference.  Just like we can make money we can create love.  Every person in Jude’s Village is generous, passionate and determined and who want to make a difference in the lives of young people.