Our Stories

Our Stories 

Too many young people are lost, broken and dying. At Jude’s we’re passionate about seeing this change and see a community where the youth and young people are thriving. 
At Jude’s, we’re forming a community of people who have been impacted by this issue and who are passionate about creating change. 
Read our stories about people who’s hearts have been impacted by youth. 

The Shine Pamper Night

The most amazing thing happened at our Shine Pamper Night. Jess, one of our youth group girls, connected with one of our volunteers.

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helping young people belong

Helping Young People Belong

Last year we had a young man coming to our youth group. He didn’t have a faith background, he was simply a kid whose parents wanted him to have the opportunity to make friends.

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not every story is a success story

Not Every Story is a Success Story

It was lunchtime, and I walked past Will Smith, from JCP Empowering Youth, talking to two young people in the café. They had moved from Devonport and wanted a fresh start. Being in and out of Ashley Detention Centre from 11, our heart just broke for his story.

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empowering people with disabilities

Empowering People with Disabilities

Each one of these young people do not have equity to the workforce. Everyone one of them wants to work, to learn, to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Each one of them want opportunity.

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gerry and trevor

Gerry and Trev’s Story

They are an amazing duo with so much love in their hearts.
Gerry is the painter. She wakes up in the morning buzzing and that’s before coffee.
I often think of Gerry’s energy for painting as a whirlwind.

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Selina's Story

Selina’s Story

“There have been many times in my life where I have felt lost, broken, and dying. I have struggled with mental illness since I was a young girl… I would ask for help but there was simply no one out there I felt I could trust to help me.

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Tyler’s Story

“Before I started working at Jude’s I wasn’t a very confident person, I had a very limited amount of skills, and didn’t feel like I was contributing to society.

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