Our Hero’s

Meet our Hero's

“The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital.”

– Dr Mark Hyman

Judes Heroes are a community of givers who do the extraordinary. They find ways to leverage their skills, network and opportunities to support young people in unique but powerful ways. We want to celebrate them because they are worthy or recognition, and because their deeds inspire creativity. 

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Kingsway Barber Shop

Is a local barber with a giant heart for young people. He uses his skilled hands, listening ear and powerful life story to transform the simple barbers chair into a safe haven for young men.

Beyond giving our youth a complimentary cut, Leigh presents these boys with a well groomed image of manhood.

As youth sit in the chair conversation flows from job interviews to depression to drug and alcohol. Regardless of where it begins and ends Leigh imparts a lasting impression that there are people in the community that are for youth and thats a message that every young person needs. 

Chris & Debra Hills


Are a family that operate a business in the north of the state. They are constantly looking for ways to leverage opportunities they have access to in order to benefit young people.

Fundraising BBQ’s, connecting athletes with youth, employing vulnerable young people… the list goes on. To us they are an inspiration on how to think creatively about how we can use what’s in our hand. 

Want to use your sphere of influence to support and impact young people? Get in touch!