Nearly 1 in every 3 young people are struggling to find belonging.

We are on a mission to end this loneliness.

At Jude’s we’re committed to creating spaces where young people can find belonging and engage in healthy communities. We’ve created 4 different youth programs and pathways that provide young people with opportunities where they can thrive. 

Keep reading to learn more about our work and our youth programs. 

The Jude's Formula

Healthy Space + Place to Belong = THRIVE
Youth who attend our programs 10 times or more have significantly higher wellbeing scores than those who don't.



Our Stories

Encourage a Young Person

“Encouragement is oxygen for the soul”.
(John Maxwell) We’d love to invite you to encourage a young person today. By taking hold of moments like these you really can have a profound impact on a young person.

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josiah's story

Josiah’s Story

Josiah’s Story “Honesty”, “transparency”, “mateship” aren’t just buzz words that get casually thrown around sporting clubs. For LFC they are clearly defined and tangible aspects

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youth camp stories

5 Tote-ally Awesome Stories From Youth Camp

Upon arrival at the campsite, the youth were shown to their cabins where a surprise awaited them inside. Inside, each camper found a tote bag with their name on it. The tote bags held a “youth camp starter kit” including; a tribal t-shirt, a water bottle, notebook, a carefully chosen bible and a welcome message with a QR code taking them to a personalised video. Throughout the entirety of camp we were amazed at the impact these items had on the youth and we would love to share some of these stories with you.

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