Our Work

Nearly 1 in every 3 young people are struggling to find belonging.

We are on a mission to end this loneliness.

our work judes youth


of young people engaged with our youth program say their wellbeing has improved.

our work judes youth

1 in 2

young people felt more connected to the wider community after joining our youth program.

our work judes youth


of youth said they felt like they belonged.

Sport Chaplaincy

1 in 4 players at our sporting clubs have accessed one on one support

The game is taken to another level as young people feel heard, are seen.  

Their sense of connection to each other, to their club and to community increases through chaplaincy work.

Youth & Camps

We have given 1658 meals to youth over 12 months.

Every young person needs somewhere where they can simply be known, to have some fun and to belong.  

School Programs

100% of girls undertaking our school program say their social identity improves.

Our school programs are aimed at helping young girls understand their worth, gain equity and help with their overall social esteem.


57% of our workplace were under the age of 25yrs

Every time a young person is employed not only do they receive a wage, they are empowered, connected socially and most importantly they begin to hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Stories

Helping Young People Belong

Helping Young People Belong

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Not Every Story is a Success Story

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Empowering People with Disabilities

Empowering People with Disabilities

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