Belonging can change everything.

Our world is more connected than ever before, but our young people are feeling more isolated and alone. 

Their social identity of who they are and who they belong to is diminishing.  

When you feel like you are alone, and you don’t belong to any group of people, then it is very difficult to believe your existence matters.

Young people are also feeling anxious about their future.  Will they have job security?  Will they be able to get employment?  Who will give them a go?  When your future appears hopeless, and you don’t feel like you belong or mean anything to anyone why continue with life?

Young Australians “have a mental health problem”, but it’s perhaps more accurate to say they have an economic and social problem – one which is having devastating consequences for their mental health.

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The Problem:

75% of mental health problems will occur before the age of 25. ​

Belonging +


Are Game Changers.


A lack of social identity has devastating consequences for young people’s mental health.

One in every three young people say they are lonely.

Helping young people find belonging in social groups is a game changer for their mental health.

When young people are helped to join meaningful groups, this has proven to be more effective in preventing their mental health than psychological treatment and cognitive behaviour therapy.

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Unemployment amongst young people has risen to 16.4%.

This is three times higher than the current labor market which is 5.4%.

At the end of 2020 one in every three young people were either unemployed or underemployed.

This impacts anxiety and hope.  Without hope the future looks bleak.

Providing young people with employment and training provides young people with hope, a future and a social group to belong to.

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How do we tackle the mental health crisis?

We work to provide youth workers to bring belonging, friendship and community to young people.  We work collaboratively with other organisations to find the best solutions to helping young people engage with social groups.  

Through our social enterprise we provide employment for young people, creating opportunities for social connection. 

Every $25 invested into Judes and the social work of the Tailrace Centre, allows us to employ one young person for 1 hour. It is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for youth mental health.

It's a solid investment.

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