Work Experience

When we serve others we find our purpose.

Every young person was uniquely created with purpose, talents, abilities. When we serve others magic happens. We find our purpose, our place in the world.

It is this premise upon which our Work Experience program is built on.

There are three components to our work experience. Each course offers the participant with the opportunity for personal growth and awareness; skills in hospitality and life skills.

Taster Workshop

Held at the beginning of every term we offer young people an opportunity to experience hospitality. Participants will learn a little about themselves; how to make coffee and something delicious from the kitchen and how Judes may be part of their journey.

8 Week Entree Course

This is designed for participants who need some exposure to the real world whilst deciding where their future might lie. It is an 8 week course 2 – 4 hours depending on the participant once a week.

Participants will have opportunity for some self awareness; skills in hospitality or kitchen depending on their interest.

20 Week Main Course

This is an ideal opportunity for participants who maybe want to consider a future in hospitality. Participants will be given some deeper self awareness opportunities; front of house and kitchen skills and skills for life.

What Comes After?

Participants successfully completing the 20 week program will be assisted in finding work. This may be within Tailrace depending on opportunity and need or it may be within the broader community.

Applications Opening Soon…