Tyler’s Story

Tyler’s Story

Tylers story

Meet Tyler! Tyler works in the kitchen at Jude's and has an amazing story to share about his time at Jude's.

Tyler’s Story:

“Before I started working at Jude’s I wasn’t a very confident person, I had a very limited amount of skills, and didn’t feel like I was contributing to society.

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During my time working here I have had my fair share of difficulties. I’ve had loved ones pass, significant health problems, and lengthy hospital stays.

Through that time I have learnt that personal growth isn’t something that you do alone. It’s something that can only happen when you have a team that stands right beside you, who understand that life is hard sometimes and prop you up when you fall.

I have gone from a person that is perpetually nervous and quiet, to someone that has the confidence to take control and speak my mind.

I am excited to be a part of a team that openly shares their compassion for others.

I’m excited to be the person that can prop others up.

I’m excited to be someone that can help others grow into who they are supposed to be.”

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