Sport Chaplaincy

Sport Chaplaincy

Sport Chaplaincy

Football clubs are full of young men. This stage of life is characterised by constant change in the significant domains of life being vocation, relationships, living arrangements and social life. Each of these change moments has the potential to derail a young persons life due to the anxiety and stress associated.

A preventative approach to wellbeing is to provide support to young people as they transition through these periods of change.
By successfully managing these moments, the young person reduces the health burden by not adding to it at the clinical end which requires far greater intervention and resource. Furthermore it equips them with the skills and self-efficacy to manage future change in a healthier manner.

This is the goal of our Sports Chaplaincy program. To come alongside local sporting clubs and provide the players with support so they can thrive on and off the field. Our dream is to see sporting clubs across Tasmania become places where young people can find support, belonging and healthy community. 

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Our Partners

Launceston Football Club

We’re so grateful that we have the Launceston Football Club who is passionate about seeing young people excel on and off the field.

Thank you, LFC for reaching out to partner with us. It is an honour to provide Sport Chaplains to you club and we’re so grateful for your partnership. 

launceston football club wins third cup

Join our Team!

We are seeking the ideal team player to join our sports chaplaincy team. 

Our ideal team player is:

  • Able to commit at least one evening a week for 6months of the year (times vary but generally from 5:30-6:30pm)
  • Is known as a safe person. You walk into a room and people immediately perceive you as being safe. 
  • You are friendly. This role demands that you’re able to build relationships with all kinds of people. 
  • You feel comfortable in a sporting environment. 

Our team is looking to grow. We have an outstanding track record in the community and we take the opportunity that sporting clubs provide to us through partnership seriously. If you’d like to change peoples lives in a meaningful way, get in touch with us today.

The above is the minimum requirement to have a conversation about joining our team. 

Simply fill out the form below to get in touch. 

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