The Shine Pamper Night

The Shine Pamper Night

The Shine Pamper Night

The most amazing thing happened at our Shine Pamper Night

Jess, one of our youth group girls, connected with one of our volunteers. This might not seem very significant, but let’s put it into context.

We met Jess nearly 12 months ago at youth camp. It has been an immense challenge to even engage her in conversation. She puts up many barriers to prevent our leaders and other youth from connecting with her. 

Home is messy and as a result, the way she deals with problems, people and difficult emotions can be messy. Jess is a girl who could really benefit from a program like SHINE.

Our leaders have had to be persistent and unflappable (Jess likes shock value) as they worked hard to build trust and relationship with her.

But at the pamper night all it took was one hand massage from Ruth and Jess was open.

Every single one of the youth leaders were delightedly surprised as they saw this. What took us months to achieve, Ruth accomplished in moments.

Ruth didn’t do anything special. Yes, Ruth is warm and kind, and she gave Jess the gift of presence. But Ruth, by just being herself, was able to represent someone to Jess that our youth leaders couldn’t.

That’s the power of a healthy community. Community is filled with a variety of figures; brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents and friends. When you’re in a healthy community it matters less if your home life is wanting, because you have so many other voices to build you up and who can listen to you.

Jess found in Ruth a voice she was missing in her life.

Take a look at the Pamper Night

shine pamper night
shine pamper night

A Letter From the School Chaplain

I am thrilled with the positive impact the Shine Program has had on the group of Grade 9 girls. They’ve found a safe place where they can be themselves and belong. It’s wonderful to watch as the girls bring their new found confidence and sense of self-worth into their classes and into their school relationships. The impact Carmen and Taliah have had is very positive and I hope to further support these girls as they continue to grow as strong and confident individuals. 

– Bek Dilger 

Riverside High School Chaplain. 

shine pamper night
shine pamper night

A Letter From a Jude's Villager

It was so nice to see the Shine and Youth girls walk in and see that the room and activities were set up, so beautifully, just for them. I loved seeing the girls who were shy and less confident and standing back, step forward to be loved on and pampered.
It made me feel so thankful to have grown up in the Christian home and not face the challenges these precious girls do.
It also made me feel so blessed to be part of the Tailrace and Jude’s and all it represents in regards to loving, caring and supporting youth in our community.

– Catherine, Jude’s Villager.

shine pamper