When we serve others we find our purpose.

With the mass exit from hospitality during COVID, high mental health stress experienced by hospitality workers over the past 12 months and uncertainty in the market, training pathways for young people have become even more critical. As a result, we have to think outside the box so they don’t get left behind.

While it is common for commentators to observe that young Australians “have a mental health problem”, in many ways it is more accurate to say that they have an economic and social problem — one that is having devastating consequences for their mental health. 

Employment is crucial for mental health as young people are despairing of a positive economic future.

Having a good identity is equally important.

Because of the transient nature of hospitality, the greatest training we can offer is self-awareness. This past year we have utilised the enneagram to create connection. We have begun implementation with management, and we are seeing leaders leading more consciously. The enneagram accelerates relationships and helps people see themselves more authentically and to see others more clearly.

We tend to evaluate ourselves based on inner intention and to evaluate others on their behaviour. The enneagram helps us to see past behaviour, to stop excusing our own bad behaviour to explore the feeling or thought behind the behaviour. When we don’t know ourselves or others, trust remains low.

At Jude’s, we love to provide young people with opportunities for employment. 

We are currently busy putting together a training program for young people, designed to teach young people everything from hospitality skills to learn how to be a great team player and a valuable addition to the workforce.  

Who knows where this journey will lead but we know this is the first step to creating new pathways of training.

Applications Opening Soon…